Recruitment Simplified.

Tamago-DB is easy to use and has an industry leading ATS and strong search features. Tamago-DB also provides a reporting suite that is adaptable to any business to track the key drivers for your business.
We are locally based in Japan, allowing our team to provide the best in technical and business support to our customers where they do business.

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Supporting Recruitment Agencies in Asia

Japan, and Asia, is a very different and therefore a challenging market to succeed in. The recruitment business is a perfect example of this. While the challenges may seem overwhelming, finding the right partner and solution can make the difference.

Tamago-DB specializes in supporting various sizes of recruitment agencies in Japan and across Asia. We help you to simplify and streamline your recruiting process, increase your efficiency and productivity, and ultimately make your data an asset to your business.

We offer multilingual solutions including an intuitive ATS, new website builds, as well as full training and advice from a team with over 40 years of experience in the Japanese and Asian recruitment market.

Our services

Tamago-DB provides a suite of innovative and targeted services designed to support your business and growth.


A strong ATS developed for executive recruiters to help manage candidate and client data with minimal effort and high visibility for management teams to quickly analyze performance and the overall business.

Website Design

Turn your internet presence into an effective marketing tool and revenue builder with your own job board connected with Tamago-DB ATS.

Recruitment Services

With reporting and process analysis, our team will work closely with you to improve your efficiency and productivity.


Get your new recruitment business started with our all in one start-up package including an ATS, website and training.

Our Guarantee

Tamago-DB is committed to offer the best solutions and providing the best service to support our clients and help ensure their success.


Hands-on expertise in recruitment services by ex-recruiters


Extensive understanding of the unique recruitment market in Japan

Local Support

Local support that is available when you need it

Cost Effective

Less time spent figuring things out, more time spent earning revenue



Spreadsheets vs CRM

One common feedback we receive from potential customers in the market when introducing the Tamago-DB CRM/ATS is that they are currently using Excel to manage

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